Billions are owed to millions

Secure your junk insurance refund by appointing the experts.

Crazy but true!

The banks sold their own customers millions of dollars worth of junk insuranceNow it’s time to get it back.

Let Reclaimer take the strain. Secure your CCI refund by appointing the experts.

Where was junk insurance sold?

Make it a fair fight

With us you’re backed by the world’s leading claims management company, with the experience of securing over $1 billion in junk insurance refunds under our belt.

No hours on hold

No bamboozling bank paperwork

Not relying on the bank that took your money to pay you back

Our process is quick, simple and transparent

We’ve built the most advanced claims processing system in the world, which has successfully recovered hundreds of millions for our customers in the UK. And the best part, it’s all online; No need for irritating calls.

You provide your details and tell us about your claim.

Our system assesses whether you’re eligible to make a claim.

Reclaimer then investigates and pursues your claim with all and any relevant entity.

You get your CCI refund. No refund, no fee.

If your claim is successful, our fee is 30% (plus GST) of any compensation amount.

Reclaimer works for you, not the banks

You need a smart experienced company to help you get the compensation you should properly be entitled to. Without us it’s an unequal fight and we don’t think you should rely on the people who already ripped you off to look after you. We’ve got over ten years of experience fighting the banks on behalf of their customers.

Where other claim firms get intimidated or give up, we pursue your legitimate claim for justice to the end.

Two men shaking hands

We’re here to help

Reclaimer is here to help you reclaim money wrongly taken by your bank. If you think we would be able to help you please contact us.